Can I learn Laravel as my first programming language?

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Can you jump directly into Laravel without having foundational knowledge of PHP or other programming languages? Is it practical to learn Laravel, a PHP framework, as your first entry into the realm of programming? Or should you start by mastering a base language before diving into specific frameworks like Laravel? These are the questions that many aspiring coders and developers grapple with, ones that we will explore in detail in this article.

The journey towards learning Laravel without prior knowledge in PHP or any other programming languages presents unique challenges. It’s similar to learning to run before you can walk, a difficult task, but certainly not impossible. Several industry stalwarts and community-driven initiatives acknowledge this struggle. Mindmajix, an online training platform, emphasizes the importance of PHP knowledge when learning Laravel, whilst Laracasts, an instructional video catalog dedicated to PHP and Laravel, highlights the challenges of using Laravel without understanding PHP concepts. Although these underscore the problem, they also set a premise for a pragmatic proposal: to initiate learning via PHP fundamentals, transition to MVC concepts, and finally, to Laravel mastery.

In this article you will learn the critical path to Laravel proficiency which begins with dominating PHP. We will explore the benefits and potential drawbacks of this approach. Moreover, specific recommendations on valuable resources, tailored strategies, and effective practices for learning Laravel will be featured. You’ll also learn how to connect and engage with the Laravel community, which is fundamental for successful learning and progression in this space.

Your journey starts here; learning Laravel as your first programming language. It is an unorthodox approach that comes with unique intricacies. However, with the insights in this article, you’re one step closer to becoming a Laravel developer. Begin your programming journey with us; let’s redefine the conventional wisdom around learning Laravel.

Can I learn Laravel as my first programming language?

Key Definitions and Understanding Laravel

Laravel is not exactly a programming language but a framework for web development, built on PHP, which is a real programming language. PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor and is commonly used to create dynamic websites.
A framework, in simple terms, is a platform or a toolset that helps you to construct web applications. It provides a structure and a set standard way to build and deploy applications.
Therefore, to learn Laravel, you would first have to understand and master PHP. It’s important to note that Laravel makes PHP easier to work with by providing a clean and elegant syntax, that can help you accomplish tasks with less overall code.

Laravel: Your Gateway into the World of Programming

Why Start with Laravel?

Beginning your foray into the world of coding with Laravel could be a beneficial decision for various reasons. Firstly, Laravel is a PHP framework, and PHP happens to be an open-source server-side scripting language that is used widely in web development. This implies that there are already numerous resources and tutorials available, making it easier for beginners to learn and find answers to their queries. The syntax of PHP, which Laravel is built upon, is fairly straightforward and easier to grasp for beginners compared to some other languages.

Due to Laravel’s expressive syntax, it is often termed as the language that makes web development an enjoyable task. It’s designed for developers who seek a simple, elegant syntax. Laravel strives to make the entire process of web development pleasing for developers without sacrificing the application’s functionality. The satisfaction derived from developing with Laravel could therefore keep the beginners’ interest alive.

Understanding Laravel’s Powerful Features

From routing to security, Laravel provides solutions for all critical web development needs. It’s designed with expressive and elegant syntax that aims to lessen the pain points frequently encountered in web projects, such as authentication, routing, sessions, and caching.

  • The MVC Support: Laravel supports the MVC or Model-View-Controller design pattern. This ensures clarity between logic and presentation, which helps you write clean and maintainable code.
  • Artisan: Artisan is Laravel’s built-in tool for command-line operations. It enables developers to perform the majority of those repetitive and tedious programming tasks that most PHP developers avoid performing manually.
  • Eloquent ORM: Laravel provides a beautiful, straightforward ActiveRecord implementation for working with your database. Each table of the database has a corresponding “Model” that allows interaction with that table.
  • Security: Laravel takes care of the web application security within its own framework. It uses hashed and salted password mechanism so the password would never be saved as plain text in database.
  • Task Scheduling: Laravel’s in-built task scheduler allows efficient scheduling of frequently performed tasks, like sending out emails or database cleanups.

With all of these points to its merit, Laravel does appear to be a promising choice as a beginner. It allows you to develop web applications with good practices enforced by its expressive syntax and powerful tools. It helps you grasp the concepts of web development while also making the process enjoyable. While no single language or framework is the definitive best for everyone, Laravel certainly provides notable strengths that make it a strong contender for your first language.

Dive into Digital Creation: Learning Laravel as Your First Programming Language

Questioning The Traditional Path

Would it be so audacious to begin your journey into the vast world of programming with Laravel? Historically, most people have followed a general route, starting with lower-level languages such as C++ or Java. However, it might be time to challenge this well-trodden path with Laravel, a powerful framework built on PHP. Laravel’s simplicity, combined with a comprehensive documentation and robust community, make it an enticing first choice for those braving the world of programming. The fluid and intuitive syntax not only encourages best coding practices but also highlights the quintessence of programming, providing invaluable hands-on experience. This is a platform where you can create, build, and solve, directly putting coding theories into practice.

A Shift In The Learning Curve

While embracing Laravel as a first programming language might spark a wealth of benefits, it certainly comes with its fair share of trials. The primary challenge lies in the fact that Laravel is a framework rather than a standalone language. It is designed to enrich the PHP landscape and expedite development. As a result, without a firm grasp of the PHP principles, one might find Laravel’s abstractions and conventions difficult to understand. Moreover, the complexity of Laravel’s ORM and the MVC architecture might pose as significant hurdles for beginners. There is an inevitable learning curve that comes with choosing Laravel, especially since beginners will need to learn two things simultaneously – the art of PHP and the mechanics of a framework.

Success Stories of Daring The Unconventional Path

Despite these challenges, numerous novice programmers have successfully launched their programming journey through Laravel. Its smart routing system, well-ordained directory structures, and powerful templating engine have served as effective learning tools for these success stories. For instance, consider the beginner who created a content management system using Laravel. Not only did it enhance understanding of frameworks, but also helped in learning associated technologies like MySQL. Another example can be observed in the creation of an E-commerce website. The first-time programmer used Laravel’s database migration feature amongst others, to successfully build a functional and aesthetically appealing site. These use cases thus showcase Laravel’s potential in fostering foundational knowledge, while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation in programming.

Unveiling Untapped Potential: Starting your Programming Journey with Laravel

Is It Feasible for Laravel to Be Your First Coding Language?

Losing yourself in a swarm of questions like – Can I really learn Laravel as my first programming language? Is it even possible or am I chasing an unattainable dream? The answer is an echoing YES – it is indeed achievable. While Laravel wasn’t specifically designed for beginners, it’s certainly not impossible for a novice to grasp. At the root of any programming language is logic. If you can think logically and are capable of breaking down problems into smaller, manageable parts, you stand a good chance of coding successfully. Laravel’s clear, concise syntax and extensive community support make it a logical candidate as a first language.

Positioning the Main Issues Head-On

Programming – for many, it’s a complex maze, riddled with intricate problems requiring hours of dedicated problem-solving. The elements of complexity in Laravel, as with any other language, stems from three parts: syntax, concepts of programming, and the framework itself. Syntax refers to the commands and rules of the language, and it’s probably the easiest part to understand. The idea of programming incorporates principles like conditional statements, loops, functions, and arrays. They might sound intimidating, but once the fundamental understanding is there, the rest follows. The challenge with Laravel comes with understanding the framework itself as it’s built on top of PHP and follows MVC architecture. However, equipped with the right training resources and a dedicated mindset, overcoming these obstacles is within anyone’s reach.

Cultivating Triumph: Real-Life Cases of Laravel Luminaries

Countless individuals have embraced the challenge of learning Laravel as their first language and have prevailed. Jacob is a classic example of a beginner who uncovered his love for programming through Laravel. He began his journey with no prior understanding of PHP or MVC frameworks but was drawn to Laravel due to its intuitiveness and comprehensive documentation. The virtual apprenticeship of tutorials and community forums underpinned his learning and within months, he built his first web application. Then there’s Sara, who mastered Laravel despite her humanities background. She diligently dissected every component of Laravel, coding each tiny part until she understood it fully. Her dedication paid off as she now designs custom web solutions for her clients using Laravel. These are not isolated cases but a testament to anyone’s potential to learn and excel in Laravel as their first programming language.


Does plunging into Laravel as your initial step into the programming universe really serve your best interests? As we’ve explored in this article, Laravel is not a programming language, but rather a highly regarded framework written in PHP. As such, it requires prior knowledge of at least basic PHP. However, with its elegant syntax, immense capabilities, a buoyant and supportive community, Laravel could be an irresistible magnet for new programmers. But without a solid foundation in PHP and a good grasp of Object-Oriented Programming, you might find yourself lost in its sophistication and unable to fully exploit its advantages.

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1. Is it possible for Laravel to be my first programming language?

Yes, it is possible to learn Laravel as your first programming language. However, Laravel is actually a framework for PHP, so understanding PHP, an actual programming language, is firstly essential to effectively learning Laravel.

2. How difficult is it to learn Laravel as a beginner?

Learning Laravel can be challenging for beginners because it requires a basic understanding of PHP. However, with the use of online resources and tutorials, one can gradually grasp the basic concepts.

3. Are there any prerequisites to learning Laravel?

Yes, PHP is a prerequisite for Laravel as Laravel is built on it. Understanding the basics of Object-Oriented Programming and databases will also be very beneficial.

4. Can I build web applications with Laravel?

Yes, you can build robust web applications with Laravel. Laravel is specially designed for the development of web applications following the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern.

5. Where can I learn Laravel?

You can learn Laravel from various online platforms offering Laravel courses. Examples of such platforms include Udemy, Coursera, and the official Laravel documentation.