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CRUD Generation 2.0

Crafting a new Laravel app does not have to take a lot of time. In programming, we always try to follow "DRY" approach. Why not do the same while scaffolding a new project? Anxious? Here's how it works:

You provide the specifications, we give you the scaffolded boilerplate code with support. It's kind of on-demand "customised" script. It feels like baking the application with your favorite ingredients. Let's have a look at the beta version:

This is the demo of the beta version. We would love to have your feedback.

Sounds interesting? Checkout our Features page for more.

Cutting edge Laravel tools

Laravel Factory offers installation and integration of leading open-source packages, Admin panel themes and Notification plugins.

Cutting edge Laravel tools


  • Laravel Activitylog
  • Laravel Media Library
  • Laravel Backup
  • Laravel Debugbar
  • Laravel Log Enhancer

Notification plugins

  • PNotify
  • Toastr
  • AlertifyJS

Admin panel themes

  • AdminLTE
  • Gentelella

Request your favorite

Are we missing any of your favorite Laravel tool? You may request it here.

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