Automated Laravel app setup, for free!

Just select all the packages, themes and plugins you need, generate and download the app
so you can only focus on the code of the application and not the repetitive setup.

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-90% Avg time setup time

Laravel setups can take way
too much time!!

Does any of the following sound familier?

  • Repetitive tasks
  • Messy process, prone to mistakes
  • Not scalable work
  • Huge waste of billable time

15-20 hours

of time saved per app setup!
See the full breakdown here
How it works

We have a better way!

Watch us set it up in <2 min
Specify App Details
Specify App Details (models, relationships, packages, etc.) here
Deploy and test your app
Just Click-to-deploy your app on our server and test (optional)
Download the zip in .zip
Download the zip to run the app locally and continue development