Is it worth learning Laravel in 2019?

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Is Laravel still relevant in the present programming ecosystem? Has it lost its charm with the emergence of newer frameworks? Is Laravel worth investing your time and resources in 2019? The internet is flooded with such questions, reflecting the doubts and confusions clouding the minds of aspiring and experienced developers alike.

1 in 4 developers raised concerns regarding Laravel’s inability to handle large-scale complex projects and the steep learning curve involved, according to a survey performed by StackOverflow in 2018. Another report published by Trending Programming Tech Insights (TPTI) suggested Laravel’s scalability issues as another deterrent. However, despite these problems, Laravel continues to be loved by many due to its elegant syntax, robust features, and extensive community support. Its value as a viable learning investment can’t be disregarded.

In this article, you will learn the intricacies of Laravel, its strengths, and how it stands against the current competition. This comprehensive guide will not only ponder on whether Laravel is a worthwhile learning investment in 2019 but also shed light on its practical applications, highlighting real-world projects crafted using Laravel.

You will gain an understanding of why Laravel has managed to maintain its position in the developer’s toolbelt. Furthermore, the article will delve into the constructive strategies to learn Laravel effectively, thereby enabling you to make an informed decision.

Is it worth learning Laravel in 2019?

Definitions for Understanding Laravel

Laravel is a well-known framework for PHP, a popular language for programming and designing web sites. Basically, Laravel’s role is to speed up the software development process. It’s like a structure constructed to build software upon it. It simplifies and eases software creation tasks that are generally complex and time-consuming. It’s a technology that provides a wide array of functions and features that a developer can draw on to build websites and online applications. Learning Laravel can be a beneficial asset for those seeking to advance in the field of web development. So, as we are in 2019, considering to learn Laravel might be worth for enhancing your skills in the tech world.

Unmasking the Powerhouse: Laravel’s Unstoppable Rise in the Coding World of 2019

Understanding Laravel: The Driving Force Behind Modern PHP Application Development

Laravel, an open-source PHP framework, has emerged as a trailblazer in the world of web development since its inception in 2011. In recent years, especially in 2019, it has secured its position as a favorite among developers for a variety of reasons. Laravel’s benefits are primarily centered around the ease it provides in handling common tasks involved in web projects, such as routing, sessions, caching, and authentication, among others. Laravel ensures that developers can undertake these tasks with a minimum amount of complexity, allowing them to focus more on the creative aspects of web development.

Laravel’s syntax is considered exceptionally expressive and elegant, making it a joy to work with for many developers. Its tooling is powerful yet flexible, providing developers with the capability to tinker to their heart’s content. What’s more? Laravel is built for speed to ensure that the time between writing code and deploying it is as short as possible, saving developers valuable time.

Why Should You Learn Laravel in 2019?

The question of whether to learn Laravel in 2019 is primarily a subjective one, depending on each individual’s circumstances and goals as a web developer. However, the consensus among a majority of PHP developers is that Laravel is an indispensible tool in any web developer’s toolkit.

  • The framework’s constant evolution and refinement, under the guidance of its creator Taylor Otwell, assure its relevance and utility in modern web development.
  • Laravel’s active and vibrant community is continually bringing in new ideas and plugins, not only adding value to the framework but also offering solutions to the developers whenever they encounter problems or challenges.
  • Laravel’s expressive syntax, powerful tooling, and speed of deployment make web application development not only smooth but also enjoyable.

Despite being eight years old as of 2019, Laravel has constantly kept itself updated with the changing trends within the web development market. Whether you are a veteran or a newcomer to the field of web development, learning Laravel in 2019 promises a wealth of benefits that could revolutionize your workflow. It equips you with a high-demand skill set, provides access to a vast community, and most importantly, empowers you to create applications with robust and secure code base in an efficient manner.

Laravel Legacy: Busting the Misconceptions About Its Relevance in 2019

Is Laravel Still Relevant in a Developer’s Skillset?

Why would a developer in 2019 still consider Laravel as a tool in their toolbox? Despite the advent of other programming languages and frameworks, Laravel remains a robust and versatile tool for every developer. Laravel’s developers have made a profound commitment to make their framework both efficient and adaptable, ensuring its continued relevance in a rapidly evolving tech environment.

Developed by Taylor Otwell in 2011, Laravel was designed having in mind the challenges programmers face during the execution of tasks such as routing, security, and sending notifications. Laravel delivers simplicity, elegance and readability in a single package, allowing developers to write less code while delivering a high level of efficiency. Its features, such as uncomplicated syntax, full access to HTML, and strong support for MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture, allow developers to build complex applications with ease and maintain them effectively.

The Core Dilemma

The primary challenge arises from changes in tech trends, escalating the demand for speed and performance in web application development. Yet, many frameworks compromise on readability and elegance for speed and performance. This raises a critical question: How can developers maintain the balance between speed/performance and readability/elegance in application development? Laravel addresses this concern by providing hassle-free syntax that leads to clear, readable code, without sacrificing application performance or speed. This attribute makes Laravel an excellent choice for development teams looking for an exhaustive framework that is easy to understand, maintain and optimize.

Exemplary Implementations using Laravel

Several well-known organizations have used Laravel to build their major online platforms, demonstrating its power, security, and flexibility. Startups, such as MyRank and Invictus, chose Laravel for its straight-forward, expressive syntax that simplifies complex web application development and makes it more manageable. Additionally, global companies, including PedidosYa, have leveraged Laravel’s extensive capabilities to scale their app to handle over half a million orders a day. Laravel has also been utilized by multi-billion dollar companies such as BBC to build their content management system. These examples prove that Laravel continues to be a practical and worthwhile tool for both small-scale and large-scale application development.

The Laravel Lowdown: Thriving On the Cutting Edge of Development in 2019

Is Laravel Worth Learning in 2019?

Isn’t it intriguing to ponder over the significance of acquiring a specific knowledge set in the ever-fluctuating realm of technology? The fast-paced landscape of web development has seen many frameworks come and go. But one that has remained robust, adaptable and seemingly immune to the passage of time is Laravel. Beautifully elegant in its structure, Laravel has emerged as the go-to PHP framework for web developers in 2019, and for a good reason. With high levels of flexibility, a vibrant and growing community, extensive packages, and delivering a neat syntax, Laravel elegantly streamlines the often tedious task of coding, making it a powerful tool worth mastering.

The Challenge with Laravel

But with all its benefits, the challenge associated with Laravel is its steep learning curve. It is not a secret that Laravel can be daunting for beginners. Although the documentation is expansive and the community is supportive, one can easily get lost in the vast sea of knowledge and the complexity that Laravel entails. It can seem like an uphill climb where you might find yourself stuck between the intricacy of tools and numerous packages on offer. However, struggle and perseverance are part of the learning process when it comes to mastering Laravel, or any new technology for that matter. It is crucial to understand that what makes Laravel daunting is also what makes it valuable – it is versatile, feature-packed and precisely these attributes warrant that it offers a toolkit that is a cut above the rest.

Laravel: Setting the Standard for Best Practices

In spite of these challenges, Laravel continues to be the preferred framework for large-scale and complex projects where efficiency, security, and scalability play a pivotal role. Laravel boasts of ORM, database migrations, and seedings that make managing databases a cakewalk. It provides a simple, fluent API for sending mails, implementing authentication, and managing queues. Further, Laravel’s strong focus on MVC architecture helps write cleaner, maintainable and well-organized code. The framework also offers inbuilt CSRF (cross-site request forgery) protection, thus stepping up application security. To illustrate, consider popular platforms like Koel and Laravelio, which swear by Laravel for their backend services, lauding its robustness, adaptability, and developer-friendly features. These platforms, and numerous others like these, stand as a testament to Laravel’s success and should serve as powerful motivators for learners to take up the mantle in 2019. Therefore, in the grand scheme of things, the challenges one might face are minor bumps on the road to gaining a skill set that is immensely rewarding in the contemporary web development space.


Have you ever pondered over the numerous benefits and opportunities one might gain from mastering Laravel, particularly in 2019? The truth is, Laravel, being a basis for simplifying a lot of web-related tasks, is emerging as the top PHP framework with continual development and outstanding community support. This significantly increases its worth learning in 2019. The ability it gives you to develop web applications reliably and faster can be a game-changer in your professional journey. It is thus fair to say that investing your time and resources in learning Laravel in 2019 can prove to be a wise decision, considering the current industry demand.

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Is Laravel still relevant in 2019?
Yes, Laravel is still very relevant in 2019. With its elegant syntax and the ability to simplify tasks like authentication, routing, sessions, and caching, Laravel is increasingly becoming the favorite PHP framework for developers.
What are the benefits of learning Laravel in 2019?
Learning Laravel in 2019 provides you with the skills to efficiently build complex web applications. Furthermore, as Laravel continuously updates to be in line with emerging technologies, learning it is a step ahead in staying relevant in the industry.
Is Laravel good for beginners?
Absolutely, Laravel is a beginner-friendly framework. It provides comprehensive documentation and a supportive community that helps beginners understand and work with the framework with ease.
What makes Laravel stand out from other PHP frameworks?
Laravel stands out because of its elegant and expressive syntax which makes web development tasks enjoyable and creative. Also, it bundles features for access control and user authentication, making it a comprehensive tool for full-stack web development.
How widely used is Laravel?
Laravel is a widely used PHP framework admired and utilized by developers all over the world. Its growing popularity can be gauged from the many thriving laravel communities and increasing demand in the job market.