What have we got

Latest Laravel

When you start your new app/project with Laravel factory, you always receive latest Laravel code for your models + controllers + all related files.

Package installations

You can just select the packages that you want to add to your new app and they will be installed and setup in all of the files.

Git ready

Each change that we make after Laravel installation is committed separately. You can continue from there.

Unlimited CRUD models

You can create any number of models for your app. They are ready for CRUD operations.

Checkout key differences between other open-source solutions and Laravel Factory here.

More Features

Admin panel

Fully working admin panel is provided out-of- the-box to let you manage the site easily.

Factories & seeders

They are inevitable for any Laravel app for testing & quick setup. You get them ready.

Built in validation

All the model data is saved after proper validation. So, we are all secured.

Theme selection

You can choose the admin panel theme that you would like to use. All the files will use that.

Notification plugins

You can choose which notification plugin should be used in the adminpanel. Cook for convenience!

1-command installation

There is no need to firea long list of commands in your terminal. We provide a bash file as a shortcut.

Almost all types of columns

For your models, you can choose any type of column and the code will entertain that appropriately in all the related files.

Feature Request

Didn't find something you want? Visit requests page and submit/vote for your favorite feature. We are on a never-ending journey.

Model relationships

Database tables has to be able to inter- connect and we understand it well. Just choose the type & Bingo!

Coding standards

We follow proper standards and the Laravel way of the code. You can check the quality of the code in the sample app on Github .

Impressed? Start using Laravel Factory now and save hours of work.