Custom Sealing Solutions for Business & Industry

Have a sealing application? The seal design you choose is critical to your product’s success! Let our Web Seal experts help you design an optimum, cost-effective response for your sealing needs. Our knowledge and experience in seal technology can help you achieve the best ways to:

  • seal out contaminants
  • contain fluids, particulates, light or noise
  • shield EMI/RFI
  • seal within harsh or unique environments
  • cushion or protect your product

Web Seal fabricates and distributes a nearly unlimited range of seals, O-rings, custom die cuts and gaskets for the industrial marketplace, as well as government and commercial applications. We provide excellent service, quick turnarounds, design assistance and prototyping for your critical sealing solutions.

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O-rings and back-up rings in all standard AS568 and metric sizes and in more than 30 elastomer types. We also offer O-ring drive belts, custom sizes and customized elastomeric compounds.

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Both simple and complex die-cut gaskets as well as ANSI standard ring and full-face gaskets. Custom produced from any elastomeric material & less expensive than molded alternatives.

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Complex, dynamic, hydraulic and pneumatic seals with superior tolerances for rotary, reciprocating and oscillating applications.

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Related sealing products perform in a range of applications, from expansion joints to fastener seals, quad rings to spliced O-rings, pump packings to adhesives and RTVs. O-ring kits, shims, spacers, tubing & more.

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